After the Operation

Can you prevent hair loss after the transplantation?

Under normal circumstances, transplanted hair is permanent; the transplanted grafts that came from your donor area are much healthier than the hair at risk of falling. Additionally, the combination of our operation and PRP treatment ensures a stronger, healthier, a more enduring skin.

What should I do for my hair after the operation?

If you take care of your health, use the appropriate care products and manage a healthy lifestyle (especially smoking is a risk factor for hair loss), hair transplantation has perfect results. We like to think of these operations as teamwork. We will give you aftercare products, free consultations, follow-ups and all the education you need about correct hair care.

When can I go back to work after the operation?

You can return to your daily routine and work within 2-3 days after the hair transplant operation. Bear in mind that the appearance of the healing process forming on the transplanted area might be continuing for 1-2 weeks more.

Hair Transplantation

How soon can I start exercising?

For at least one month after the operation,avoid hard physical labor, high intensity gym exercises and contact sports. Do not swim in a public swimming pool and avoid exposing your scalp direct sunlight.

How should I sleep after the operation?

For the first five days following your operation, it is advised that you sleep using two pillows in a ramp like fashion angled at 45 degrees. Please avoid direct contact between a pillow and the area with transplanted grafts, as this may cause physical loss of the grafts.

Will the donor area recover after collecting hair?

The hair follicles taken from the donor area recover much quicker relative to anywhere else on your scalp.In two weeks time,the redness and the scar on the donor area disappears. Typically the donor area will be fully covered with hair within the first 3 months after the operation. The original density of the donor area and the proper care for the area are the two most important factors for a swift recovery. After the full result of the operation is achieved, there won’t be any visible marks or signs left on the donor area.

Should I take Minoxidil/Finasteride after the operation?

Our doctors do not suggest taking any hair growth medication or any supplements marketed as anti-hair loss along with or after your hair transplantation. It is not yet scientifically proven if these medications actually improve success rates of hair transplantation.

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