Is it too painful to make hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplantation is one of the methods used in hair loss today. Hair transplantation is a surgical intervention and should be performed under the supervision of a doctor. Hair transplantation is the removal of hair follicles from areas without hair loss and transplanting them into areas where hair is lost or not dense. Contrary to popular belief, hair transplantation does not cause pain. The reason for this is that the procedures are arranged according to scientific criteria and minimum pain for patients.

The area where the hair follicles are taken is mostly the back part of the head, the areas near the neck and the back side of the head. The hair follicles in this region are genetically resistant to be lost and continue to have these characteristics in the region where they are transplanted and become permanent.

Since hair loss is physiologic, it usually lasts up to 40 years of age. It is generally not recommended to have hair transplantation at very young ages. However, if the patient so desires, there is technically no obstacle. After medical examination of the patient by the doctor in surgical hair transplantation, the necessary tests and examinations are made and the procedure is started. In practice, FUE, the most recent and successful method, should be preferred.  The hair follicles are transplanted individually in FUE technique and the best result can be achieved. Planning for surgical hair transplantation, the acquisition of donor hair strands and the determination of the location on the lost area should be done very carefully.  The transplantation process is painless with local anesthesia and lasts about 8-10 hours.  People can go home after this process.

What are the hair transplantation methods?

Hair transplantation methods are divided into two. Both techniques provide live hair follicle transplantation and do not require general anesthesia. The difference between them is the way hair is taken. In the first technique, while there is a line in the place where the hair is taken between the two ears, there is no scar in the other technique, FUE (follicular unit extraction) method.

Plastic Surgery Solutions

In our Plastic Surgery department, comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment are carried out in all areas of plastic surgery. Since physical, psychological and philosophical differences may affect treatment choices, each patient is considered a unique individual.  Plastic surgery is a discipline consisting of aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive surgery.  Aesthetic surgery improves the physical appearance, provides more self-confidence, spiritual and emotional happiness.  Reconstructive surgery corrects abnormalities caused by congenital or acquired defects of the body to improve shape and function.

There are many options for plastic surgery to improve or change your face and body.  Knowing these options for those who want to undergo plastic surgery makes it easier to make choices. Knowing what you want is useful to go to a surgeon, but you must also take into consideration the specific recommendations of your surgeon for your situation. Because your surgeon may recommend a different procedure to achieve a similar result. In surgical operations, care is taken to select procedures that are usually less invasive or more isolated and offer fewer interventions to prevent disruption. In some cases, your surgeon may recommend one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures. The options of aesthetic surgery are much more varied than they seem to be, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


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