What are the hidden pros and cons of hair transplant surgery?

What are the benefits of hair transplantation and what are the benefits of having a hair transplant? As many other attempts at hair transplantation and hairstyle tricks fail when you are about to decide on hair transplantation, many people face this problem.

In this post we want to present the benefits of hair transplantation clearly and thus contribute to the decision-making process. However, it is useful to look at the arguments put forward against hair transplantation first.

Cons of Hair Transplantation

Many people do not have the privilege of working with a company specialized in hair transplantation and has the following ideas:

Hair transplantation is very expensive

Hair transplantation is not always successful

Hair transplantation does not give the appearance of original hair

Hair transplantation can be dangerous.

Pros of Hair Transplantation

However, if a leading company like Go2 serves you, the above items do not mean anything to you. Hair loss is an element of high intensity psychological pressure in many people. In individuals, hair loss decreases with self-confidence.

Here are the benefits of a classic hair transplantation process for you:

With hair transplantation, patients regain natural looking hair.

After hair transplantation, patients are given a long warranty period for the transplanted hair.

GO2’s prices of hair transplantation process are quite affordable.

With the hair transplantation, the balding and empty areas in the head can be closed in proportion to the hair at the receiving place.

Hair transplantation can be done at any age. Hair loss process and stages can be better observed in the period following the first session.

Hair clinics / hospitals specialize in hair transplantation. Hospitals / clinics that work with Go2 have highly experienced doctors / specialists and health personnel for hair transplantation every day.

It is possible to cut the hair short after hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is suitable for both men and women.

Hairless areas formed by hair loss that have lasted for years can be brought back within a year by hair transplantation process.

Hair transplantation is one of the methods that can be applied to ensure that the hair grows as fuller as before.

Hair transplantation helps patients regain their self-esteem.

Restoring to fuller-looking hair after hair transplantation is a factor that improves the quality of life.


A person who has full hair feels naturally more confident and happy. This is one of the most important advantages of hair transplantation process. We recommend that you do the Hair test so that you can analyse yourself against hair loss.

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