Is hair transplant permanent?

The question in the title is most commonly asked for hair transplantation specialists and centres. It is very normal that people would like to determine a path before the hair transplantation operation and try to predict the possible outcomes.

If there is going to be a spill process after giving that much money and labour, there are many people who want to follow the path accordingly. Now let's explain this in this article.

99% Success Rate

As it is known, FUE method is widely used today. This method is the process of transferring hair follicles from the nape to the upper regions. That's why the nape is because the hair follicles here are coded not to fall out. You have seen many people who have experienced hair loss. Therefore, this region is preferred and the process is done. Now let's give detailed information further.

The grafts on the back of the nape, i.e. the hair follicles, have a very long life and are permanent for the whole life. Due to this feature, the possibility of spilling after hair planting is almost negligible. Even if you say where the probability comes from, there is a chance that it may be spilled from time to time due to the diseases that will arise in your body for various reasons. In addition, the transplanted hair is permanent.

These strands are no different from your normal hair. You can apply all kinds of hairdressing processes such as dyeing, cutting and blow dryer. However, many of the patients are anxious about this. Actually, the logic of hair transplantation does not make any sense if it is not permanent. When hair transplantation is performed with the right techniques, the success rate is 99%.

Why do not shed hair, why it is permanent?

At this point, the reasons are very important. Many people try to understand how logic is. The persistence here is due to the genetic coding of the hair strands in the donor area. In fact, the success of hair transplantation comes from the density, quality and thickness of the hair strands in the nape region (donor region). People with these three elements have a better appearance and a more frequent planting occurs.

Look at the hair of many old men around you, he's bald, but his neck is still standing. You can understand that this method is successful by questioning this situation. Because the male hormone tester does not affect the hair strands on the neck (donor region). It does not affect hair loss in the event. The hair on the upper part of the head structure is affected by the male hormone testosterone and shed quickly.

Based on this logic, the FUE method has been applied safely for years. Many people achieve good results compared to the past.

If at this point you still have a question mark in your mind, trust us without further thinking. If you want to learn more, you can explore our website, gallery, and great other features of Go2 Hair Transplant!