What age should you get for hair transplant surgery?

Since every hair loss is caused by different reasons, hair transplantation operations also cover a wide age range. These differences vary according to hair structure, individual, environmental influences and mental health (stress and other psychological factors).

The age range of hair transplantation therefore varies. So, in this article you can find the answers for the question: What is the age range for hair transplantation?

Can hair transplantation be done in all age ranges?

Yes, it can be done. For hair transplantation, 22 is the lower limit in the age range, but can anyone in 22 years have hair transplantation? The possible answer would be “no”. This is where the level of hair loss comes in. Hair transplantation while the shedding is one of the last options to consider.

With the same logic, it would be wrong to give an upper age limit for hair transplantation. What is important here is the general health status of the person. There are diseases that prevent hair transplantation.

However, in certain diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, etc., if necessary precautions are taken, there is no obstacle to hair transplantation. The general course of diseases such as sugar and blood pressure should be checked, and if the general health condition of the person is not at risk, the operation can e performed.

Hair Transplantation Age Range

There are 5 factors related to the age range affecting hair transplantation.

1. Presence of Hair Loss

Aesthetic concerns, especially seen at a young age, lead the person to have hair transplantation. In such cases, the degree of reasonableness should be taken into consideration in the wishes of the person.

2. Completion of at least 50% of Hair Loss

An important detail for hair transplantation operations is the level of shedding. Hair loss is not appropriate for people who have not reached a certain level of hair loss. Because, if the person continues to shed, there will be openness in certain areas. This leads to a second operation. Therefore, no matter how old the person is, the level of hair loss should be determined.

3. General Health Status of the Person

A situation that is more prominent than the age range is general health. Although it is a small-scale operation, hair transplantation is a serious surgical operation. Therefore, general health condition is required for these operations. If the person has regular medications, vitamins or painkillers, this information should be shared with the doctor.

In people over a certain age, the wound healing process is prolonged and the cell regeneration process progresses slowly. In such cases, hair transplantation operation cannot be performed.

4. Type of Hair Loss

Hair transplantation is not recommended unless there is a regional shedding. The person who wants to know the type of hair loss can get this service from hair transplantation centres.

5. Adequacy of Donor Site (Donor Area)

As the age progresses, even the nape parts with strong roots, which have little shedding due to their genetic structure, start to weaken after a certain age. The adequacy of the donor site is one of the important factors affecting hair transplantation operations.


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