Does hair regrow in donor area?

Hair transplantation is one of the methods used in hair loss today. Of course, many questions arise in people's minds about hair transplantation operation. One of the least discussed topics is the process of hair follicles taken from the donor area after hair transplantation. This issue is in fact one of the most important issues, but not much attention.

In this article, you can find the answer to the question of whether hair has grown in the donor area after hair transplantation.

Donor Area

One of the points of concern about the donor area of ??hair transplantation is whether the hair will grow again in these areas. Although no definite data can be found in the studies conducted on this subject, it is in the direction that the hair follicles taken out together with the cells around them will not grow again in these areas.

Many doctors would say this in round words. But unfortunately this is the truth. So you should know that aesthetically, if your hair follicles are not taken you may encounter a very bad image. So, what should be done in order not to leave any trace or open area?

Things to Consider

Nurse or aesthetic doctors who take hair roots in this regard have a very significant job. When removing hair follicles from the nape and back of the ear, a visual aesthetic hair follicle removal process should be performed so as not to create gaps. When the donor area is healed, there should be no gaps, because in some cases, people may be psychologically affected.

When you have hair transplantation, you should definitely ask your doctor about this. After hair transplanting process, hair follicles in the donor area, they have to take the hair follicles in an aesthetic way. But ultimately the hair follicles here will be removed, so a slight scar will certainly remain. As some doctors say, after the hair transplantation, it is completely wrong to say that there is no scar on the nape and behind the ears.

Recently, doctors take too much hair follicle in the nape and behind the ears to take too much root and close the peak completely. After these procedures, ugly images may occur in the nape.

Can a Donor Remain in the Region?

With the introduction of FUE method in hair transplantation, there is no visible scar in the donor area after hair transplantation. Since the grafts are removed through very thin ends, no one sees any signs of the donor area. Already the other hair around it hides these areas.

When you have hair transplantation, you should definitely consult with your doctors about your nape.

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