Do you have to shave your head for a hair transplant

Before normal hair transplantation, the patient's hair is cut to number 1 (approximately 3 mm). Haircuts are performed by hair transplant centres so that the doctor can analyse the hair condition for the last time on the day of the operation.

However, there is new techniques to avoid shave your head before a hair transplantation operation. So, the short answer for the question in the title is “no, you don’t have to!”

Why Are Hair Shaved?

This is not a problem for men who are accustomed to using their hair in short cuts, which makes hair transplantation operations more comfortable. The main reason for shaving the hair in normal operations is that the doctor and hair transplant team can see the hair follicles more easily and the mobility in the planting area is more comfortable.

After the hair shaving performed before the hair transplantation operation, the areas to be transplanted can be shortened to zero number when necessary during the operation. Channels are opened to the sections where the hairs are cut with razors and grafts are transplanted.

The hair follicles in the donor area make it difficult to use a manual punch or micro motor device. Micro motor process in hair transplantation, which allows loosening of the hair follicles one by one, can be applied much faster on the shaved hair number 1.

The most clear and basic answer to the question of why hair is shaved is that the hair transplant doctor can work more easily in this way.

Pros and Cons of Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Unshaved hair transplantation does not provide an advantage for the doctor, while the advantages for the patient in particular can be listed as follows:

It is ideal for people who do not want to give up the existing hair style even after the operation.

The donor quickly eliminates the non-aesthetic appearance in the area.

After the hair transplantation operation, return to everyday life is much faster.

It is an ideal solution especially for women who do not want to have their men shaved.

It prevents women from waiting for years to bring their hair to an average size.

Men who use their hair long will not need to have their hair cut.

In addition to these advantages, unshaved hair transplantation also has some disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage of having unshaved hair transplantation is time. Operation time can be increased by 50% in shaving-free hair transplantation. (An operation that will take 5 hours may take 7-8 hours.)

Unshaved hair transplantation requires much more effort and patience, especially for the hair transplant team.

Hygienic environment is more difficult to provide.

Prices may be higher in unshaven hair transplantation operations.

The patient may need to pay more attention.


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