Why Is Turkey A Popular Place for Hair Transplant tourism?

Why Is Turkey A Popular Place for Hair Transplant tourism?

In recent years, hair transplantation has given people a way to reverse the time (somewhat). This is made more interesting by concepts like Medical Tourism or Health Tourism. Here, people from one country or region visit another country or region to explore that place and also get their health-related problem treated.

In the case of hair transplant tourism, Turkey is in the first place. If reports are believed, Turkey handles around 500 hair transplant cases every week. This raises the question, why Turkey is a popular place for hair transplant tourism? Well, this article is intended to provide you the answer to this concern. Below are the few reasons describing why people prefer Turkey as the primary hair transplant tourism destination:


This is the main reason that attracts global population. Hair Transplantation in Turkey is done by the most experienced and efficient surgeons of this industry. After all, the result is what matters the most. All your efforts are a failure if the money and time spent by you don’t bring the desired result. The experienced surgeons and their team make sure that you get the most satisfactory result.

Better Results

After a better experience, better results attract most people. It is seen that in the U.S. and Europe, 1,500 -2,000 (units) is the average graft when hair transplantation is done with the help of the FUE technique. However, it is around 4,000 (units) when the transplantation is done in Turkey following the same technique. It means that in Turkey, the average plantation is 8,000 (units) per patient. These numbers are quite higher than the U.S. and Europe average. This ensures more natural and better results.


This is yet another factor that boosts hair transplant tourism in Turkey. Suppose that if you undergo a hair transplant surgery in the U.S., you will be charged around USD 15,000 whereas if you avail this surgery in the United Kingdom, you will be asked to pay somewhere near to GBP 12,000. But, if you are undergoing this surgery in Turkey, your complete hair transplant procedure will be done for around EUR 2,500. It implies that in Turkey, you will be paying almost ¼ less than what you will pay in other parts of the world. High-quality service at a low price is enough to attract masses.

Culture and Location

The culture and location of Turkey attract a large number of tourists. Turkey has a well-developed infrastructure, rich culture, comfortable climate, natural thermal springs, historical monuments, sea coast, and modern clinics with the highest experience and latest equipment. People from different parts of the world visit Turkey for unlimited fun and at the same time, they undergo best hair transplant surgery at a low price. 

So, these are some reasons behind Turkey being a popular place for hair transplant tourism. If you also want to be one of the thousands of tourists visiting Turkey each year for hair transplant and enjoying its social as well as cultural life, visit GO2 Hair Transplant.