Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Dangerous?

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Dangerous?

It is often seen that doubts emerge where knowledge lacks. The unawareness about something leads to fear and doubts but when people gain the appropriate knowledge, the fear and doubts disappear. This is applicable in the case of hair transplant surgery also. You don’t know about the procedure(s) which leads you to doubt hair transplant surgery and think that it is dangerous.

On the other hand, your stance would be different if you are aware of it. Today, you are presented with the relevant knowledge about this surgery and the latest technology used for executing it. Though a lot of awareness from advertisements, celebrities, and influencers is driving people to hair transplant centers, there are still many not sure about this surgery and ask “is hair transplant surgery really dangerous?” If you are also the one, go through this article and decide whether hair transplant surgery is really dangerous or not.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant surgery is a surgical procedure which removes follicular units from one part of your body and plants them into the bald part of your body. This procedure has significantly evolved in the last decade. With time, many techniques are followed and many are discarded. Why? Because as new and promising technologies came into existence, this industry adopted them quickly.

The Latest Technology - FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

It is important to mention this because FUE is the latest technique used for hair transplantation and knowledge about it will also clarify your doubt of hair transplant surgery being really dangerous or not. FUE is the latest technique which removes one follicular unit or individual hair at a time from the donor site. This is preferred the most because it is the minimum invasive procedure which involves the use of small (1.0 mm) circular punches to remove a single follicular unit from the back side of the scalp. These harvested follicular units are then implanted back into the recipient area.

The surgery by using this technique wards off any kind of danger because it is performed by surgeons possessing advanced skill sets which helps them to execute this surgery successfully. Moreover, this technique has a track record to produce consistently successful results such as natural-appearing hairline, high hair-density, and above all, this procedure removes the risk of linear scarring on the donor region.

Let’s understand the whole procedure in simple steps:

Step 1: The area from where the follicles need to be harvested is first cleaned and then, numbed.

Step 2: Now, the follicular units are extracted from the giver site. These units also include a small amount of surrounding skin.

Step 3: The transplant site is marked and an incision is made. Then, the follicular unit is inserted into the incision.

This is a simple 3-step procedure which is helpful in eradicating negative thoughts about hair transplant surgery. If you want to get rid of baldness or hair thinning and have understood that hair transplant surgery is not dangerous, it’s time to visit GO2 Hair Transplant.