When is the correct time to decide on hair transplant surgery?

Hair loss may be also defined as a renewal of the hair by itself. Loss of 80-100 hair strands per day may be considered normal hair loss. Daily hair loss in excess of this amount is not normal and should be treated. In cases where loss of hair continues despite medical treatments applied, the only and permanent solution for hair restoration is hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is an increasingly popular practice against hair loss. So how to determine the right time for hair transplantation? You can find the answer to this question in this article.

The Correct Time

Basically, the most appropriate time for hair transplantation begins with the preparation of the psychologically and financially suitable conditions for the person. Technically it does not matter in which season hair transplantation should be performed.

Only during the season when hair loss is accelerated can the hair density decrease. The person can apply to the doctor for transplantation by evaluating this situation according to their hair structure. Some doctors argue that the best time for this procedure is autumn, saying that hair transplantation operations on the forehead and crown should be exposed to the sun.

Excessive density may occur in hair transplantation centres at certain times. It may be more accurate to wait for this density to pass and to have hair transplanted in a calm period. Because, in cases where the density is less, a more careful hair transplant operation can be applied.

The Age Factor

The effect of age on hair transplantation is important. Since the hair continues to shed in the 20s, it can continue to shed during the planting process. The hair loss rate slows down after 30s.

In this respect, it is recommended to start the process considering the age factor. In short, hair planting should be done during periods when hair loss is reduced. However, the hair transplantation process should be started without allowing the hair to fall completely.

Go2 Hair Transplantation

With the success of hair transplantation operations with GO2, the demand is increasing day by day. Hair transplantation has become a healthy surgery that can be applied for everyone today. Anyone who fits the hair transplantation process can get rid of baldness by having this operation.

Hair transplantation methods are now so advanced that even if the person's hair is completely shed, hair roots from other parts of the body such as arms, legs and chest can be successfully transplanted. It is sufficient for the person to have hair transplantation to be in good health and to have a sufficient number of healthy hair follicles. Although various criteria affect the operation of hair transplantation, there is no problem about the time of hair transplantation.

When hair loss begins, a doctor should be examined. The best time for hair transplantation is when the person's health conditions are most appropriate. If there is a known disease, hair transplantation should be started after completing the treatment process.


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