What is Average Hair Transplant Recovery Time?

After a long process of thinking, you may have a decision that you will have hair transplant surgery. One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is a quality centre. It is essential to examine and search for their features and services. If you want to be checked your hair condition, you get an affordable offer now just by filling a form on Go2 Hair Transplant. Go2 Hair Transplant aims to provide special hair transplant and plastic surgery services at an advanced level for you. To relieve your anxieties, just make a call to Go2 Hair Transplant about hair transplant. Considering your concerns, one of the common themes is about recovery time. When will you completely ready? How long does the surgery process take? Let’s get closer to this issue;


The average is one year!

You may be questioning the recovery time after the surgery. Well, even though it depends on your specific body functions, many doctors state that it takes almost one year to recover properly. So, it is up to your body. You may sometimes lose your hair during this procedure. However, make sure that you will have it again. Just try to be patient. You will too share your “before” and “after” photos as many others.


Sleeping Posture

Having nice and good sleep makes your mood and day amazing! So, you do not want to be disturbed while sleeping. However, after having the hair transplant surgery, you need to be very careful not to harm your head and hair. If it is possible, please try to sleep in an upright position. This way, you may protect your head and surgery parts on your head. Sometimes your head can get bleed because of the surgery. Be prepared for this!



Especially, during the first days, you may have severe headaches and bleedings. Try to have some painkillers from time to time, not always.


Washing your hair

During the first washing, an expert or your doctor should wash your head, not you! While he or she washes your hair, learn how to apply by yourself.


After the first week

Considering bleedings, headaches, and wound on your head, the first week is the toughest week. If you get through this process, you will get used to protecting your hair, bleeding and headaches will decrease.


First Month

After the first month, you will start to see the results on your hair. You will be full of hair on your head.


Shocking Lose

Once you think that it is done, not it is not! You may start to lose your hair suddenly again. But, be aware that this is temporary and part of the long process. Do not freak out!


As you see, it is a long process that takes some time, but you need to be patient to have the best hair and the most charismatic look. If you have further questions on this issue, you can easily ask to Go2 Hair Transplant any time you want! We are always here to help and relieve your anxieties.