Is There Really Correct Time For Making A Hair Transplant?

As age progressed, you may lose your hair on your head. This is quite normal actually, because most people are suffering from the same problem! However, one day you see that some of your friends look great! They have amazing hair! Wait… what, how? Suddenly you hear something called “hair transplantation” You may start to think where to go to ask some questions. Well, there are thousands of hair transplant centres. But, which one is the best?  Go2 Hair Transplant! Go2 Hair Transplant provides hair transplant and plastic surgery services at an advanced level. It is the partner of Turkey’s best medical group Acıbadem. Go2 Hair Transplant in located in one of the wonderful cities, İstanbul. After making your decision, you may wonder when I should have this surgery. Actually, it depends on you! You need to be ready psychologically and financially for this surgery. If you have enough money to cover and you know how to handle yourself and people around you, it is the right time for you! Let’s look at the 6 tips for the correct for making a hair transplant.

The season does not matter!

Many experts say that there is no exact climate condition for your hair to grow nicely. It can be winter, summer, spring or autumn. The key point is whether you are ready or not, not the condition of the weather!


Find the most appropriate appointment

Some hair transplant centres can be very busy including Go2 Hair Transplant. In these cases, doctors may not enough time to give you full attention. This is why avoid having  surgery while doctors are very busy and have a tight schedule. Take your time and make a research. Once you find the most proper time, do not miss your special chance. Then, you can ask anything you want to your doctor and make use of special care!


Be bald or Hirtellous, does not matter indeed!

Technology is so evolved that it is not important whether you are bald or have less hair then you wish. You can have the hair transplant surgery whenever you want. Doctors use your arm hair, leg hair or chest hair to use for your head. The only thing for this operation is that you need to have enough hair in the other parts of your body to cover your head!


How old are you?

Age matters! If you are in your 20s, it means that while you are having the hair transplant surgery, you continue to lose your hair at the same time. If you are in your 30s, you lose your hair slowly. Thus, if you are worried about your age, 30s might be better for you! It means that the best for the operation considering your age is the time that you lose your hair slowly!



Health is one of the most important things for all of us. If you have another illness, wait to be cured! After you defeat your illness, you can have your hair transplant!


Rules that you need to follow

After the hair transplant, you need to keep up with some rules in order to sure that everything is going well! Have a rest three days after the operation, stay away from conflicts or fights that you can damage your head, and eat healthily! Avoid to smoke and alcohol! Stay away from the beaches and the sea!

If you are ready to have hair transplant surgery, Go2 Hair Transplant has various promotions and campaigns for your special case. Visit the website and fill the form, make your special appointment!