Is a Hair Transplant the Best Solution for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem that almost everyone can encounter at some point in their lives. Is hair loss a health problem? How long can we accept hair loss as normal? When does the alarm bells ring?

The structure of the hair

Without knowing the structure of the hair and its evolution, we cannot know how to protect it and keep it alive. Each hair strand is not present at the same stage at the same time. This naturally means that some hair is lost every day. This period, called physiological hair loss, is actually a renewal period and hair loss up to 100 strands per day is normal. Hair loss of more than 100 strands per day is considered excessive hair loss and may have many different causes. There are many causes of hair loss such as nutrition, lifestyle, various skin diseases, pregnancy, chemotherapy, exposure to chemicals, iron deficiency anemia, low thyroid gland, and air pollution. The causes of hair loss in women and men are different. Almost all of the loss seen in men is the result of an inherited and natural process. In women, hormones, lifestyle and eating habits or excessive use of cosmetic chemicals are in the top rank.

How to prevent hair loss?

Actually, the right question is "how to prevent hair loss?". Hair is fed from the roots. The balance required for the whole body is the keyword for hair health. If the components that make up the hair structure are balanced within a certain ratio in the hair root, the hair looks healthy.

The treatment of hair loss depends on the clear expression of the causative agent. The cause should be investigated with a multidisciplinary approach and diagnosed through joint studies of dermatology, internal medicine, and endocrine specialists. If hair loss has emerged as a symptom of the disease, after the treatment of this disease, new hair will be replaced.

Hair Transplant

Surgical treatment methods such as hair transplant, which are becoming more common in recent years, are considered as the last option when hair loss continues and new hair does not grow. However, hair transplantation in unhealthy conditions threatens human health. Hair transplantation by inexperienced and non-trained hands causes undesirable outcomes and brings trouble to the patient rather than happiness.

The biggest group of patients who need hair transplantation are men who had hair loss due to age, hormones and familial inheritance. Hair is very important for the image. Thus, the most common aesthetic operation that men undergo is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a procedure that requires expertise. Therefore, it should be done by specialist doctors. The laws only grant the authority to plant hair to Plastic Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology Specialists. The hair transplantation process requires years of experience and training. Doing it in unhealthy conditions threatens health. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Every surgical procedure has a certain risk. Naturally, if you perform a surgical procedure under appropriate conditions, the risk will be minimized. Therefore, the most suitable environment for hair transplantation is the operating rooms in hospitals.

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