Do Hair Transplants Have to Look Unnatural?

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical operation performed in order to restore the lost or thin hair. In case of deficiencies in eyebrows, beards and mustaches, follicles taken from hairy areas are used to repair these areas.  Therefore, the concept of hair transplantation comprises eyebrow, beard and mustache. Thanks to hair transplantation, you can regenerate your hair that is lost and you can have a natural and frequent appearance.  The hair transplant surgery is less painful compared to many other aesthetic operations and the healing process is more comfortable. Typically, hair transplantation is performed by transferring hair follicles which are resistant to hair loss from the areas such as chest, arms, legs and especially the nape.

The Angles

Whether or not a natural image occurs after hair transplantation depends on the direction of hair transplantation.  If the hair is not planted in the same direction and angle with the existing hair of the patient, there is no natural appearance.  Therefore, attention should be paid to the angles. 


The second important element that provides naturalness in hair transplantation is the planning of the front hair line.  Planning before the hair transplantation should not be as flat as drawn by the ruler.  It should also not be in single rows. The hairline should turn the face naturally. It is also important to determine how the hair will surround the face.  In addition, the hair density in the forehead area should be less and become denser gradually towards the upper part of the head.

Hair transplantation should be performed by placing single hair grafts on the front hair line and all in the same direction.  Occasionally, planning is done in such a way that more than one hair comes out of a graft so that hairs appear very dense.  In this case, undesirable “grass head“ appearance occurs.  Therefore, in hair transplantation, the front hairline, the selection of grafts and the direction of the grafts are very important in terms of naturalness.


Another important mistake in hair transplantation is that hair is planted very close to the current hair of the patient to make hair appear denser. If hair transplantation is done in this way, both hair transplantation success chance decreases, and healthy hair can be weakened and lost.

This is directly related to the planning prior to the hair transplantation surgery. Planted hair lives with a probability of 99%. The people may lose their own hair after the hair transplant. But hair taken from the neck area will not be lost throughout life. This is because of the structure of men's hair.

If the forehead is too narrow or wide, it may cause an unnatural appearance.  Criteria such as age factor and general facial structure are very important in designing the front hairline.

Hair design and hair transplantation should be planned in a customized fashion to make the hair look natural.  Three-dimensional design devices are used for this. Three-dimensional design is performed on the patient's images before the hair transplantation.  And the patient then goes into operation knowing that what kind of appearance he will have after the operation . He won’t encounter eith a bad surprise after the hair transplantation.

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