Hair Transplant


While the success rates of hair transplantation are usually exceptional, here at GO2 Hair Transplant we have a holistic approach to surgery in order to maximize the quality of our results and reach nothing short of perfection in technique. This is why we always combine our surgeries with additional PRP Mesotherapy included with the treatment.

Hair Transplantation

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a purified product we acquire from our patients during the routine blood test we do before each surgery. We separate your blood sample with centrifugation and filter the plasma combined with your own platelet cells without any chemical additives. This solution is then applied to the transplantation area. PRP has a promoter effect on the local blood supply network, assisting your capillary blood vessels to reach to the newly transplanted grafts, ensuring that they have a rich nutrient bed. This supports the healthy growth of the hair follicles, prevents hair loss on the transplant area and also on the adjacent natural hair. PRP mesotherapy also decreases the short term side effects of hair transplantation by allowing for a quicker recovery.


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